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08-Aug-2017 21:53

You heard heavy footsteps coming, and the door opened to reveal none other than Ryan. He passed one door, opening the one in the middle, on the left. The one to the left is Heather’s, the right is Sergey’s. He held out a hand to help you up, and you gladly took it. You blushed slightly and said, “Only when I go down the stairs empty-handed.” “What? “Hm…” “W-Well, when I was younger, all this stuff would happen and my parents ignored it, and pretended I was crazy or schizophrenic or something.” You explained, “I never could get answers and now I have the chance to.” “We’ll talk later.” Ryan said as Heather’s voice drifted down the hall. ” She asked, her sentences running together in her excitement. “Haha very funny.” Heather said, punching him lightly.

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” “You’re my cuddle buddy.” You giggled, moving your arms down so they were around his back. Sergey and Ryan just shrugged and followed you both in. ’” Soon, all but you and Ryan were totally trashed.

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