Hangs when updating vista matrure dating

20-Feb-2018 15:52

If you don't know how to start in 'Safe Mode', all you have to do is start up your computer and repeatedly hit the f8 button till it gives you the option to start in 'Safe Mode'I hope this helps Go to control panel, click on security center, go to automatic updates then change your preferences to notify me but don't automatically download or install them, which you should do anyways since you don't want all the downloads....unless you just really like SP3 or IE8 lol. It will not download or update unless you tell it to and which ones to update.

Then do your updates and when you are done, change it back. My experience with this problem is that the Microsoft article linked above was utterly useless.

You can manually install new updates for your computer that uses the Windows Vista operating system using the Windows Update feature.

If you experience a technical problem in which the update freezes or gets stuck during the installation process, you can correct the problem by using the System Recovery features used with your Windows Vista operating system.

Tell them about the problem and see if they can fix it. If they can't you may have to contact Microsoft themselves and have them fix the problem Thanks all for the many seemingly workable responses, but, in some cases, at least mine, you cannot access safe mode, cannot repair and cannot do any of the usual escapes.

It sounds good to do all the usual things but whatever update 3 was, it would nor repair, allow safe mode boot or start anything in a normal mode.

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But this method is only recommended if you are quiet comfortable with removing the tiny screws of your laptop and then fixing them back again as they were.Well I did not think that was right, pulled my computer and took it to other cumputer store The best solution is to turn off automatic updates.

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