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Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club can be found in a picturesque valley of the Yorkshire Pennines.

Although situated less than 4 minute's drive from junction 23 of the M62 it feels like a world away.

Writer Sally Wainwright really knows how to hit you where it hurts.

Tonight is particularly painful with a shocking conclusion that will send most viewers reeling: is Kate (Nina Sosanya) really dead? We are repeatedly floored by new developments which it is impossible to see coming.

For STI tests that require swabs, it is best if you are not on your period.

The blood from your period can make it difficult for the folks at the lab to accurately diagnose an infection.

It’s always important to have one or two new elements every year.

We have to spend a lot of time seeing what’s new and interesting in the industry and keeping up to date with the sexologists to see what the trends are. One of the cool things we just saw at a show in Montreal this year, the Oculus Rift is now being used for pornography.

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If someone has symptoms of herpes simplex virus (HSV), such as genital blisters or a cold sore, we can swab it and send the sample to the lab for confirmation.So please take that into account when you are booking your appointment.If your period is light, it may not interfere with the STI test. When you are booking your appointment, you should be clear if you want just a Pap, just an STI test, or if you want both a Pap and STI check.Although Wainwright has been praised for her social commentary, things are becoming so far-fetched that even the most dedicated fans are starting to have to suspend our disbelief more than usual.

There’s only so much tragedy that can befall one family in such a short space of time.

Watching a lesbian marriage flourish (or not – this is Last Tango, after all) would have been gratifying.