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02-Oct-2018 13:07

But I was fascinated by a scene where men wore black lipstick and eyeliner, and women were accepted whether they squeezed into tight corsets or worse baggy black hoodies and jeans. Goth culture seemed instead to value intelligence, and to engage with the inescapable constants of existence.As a teenage girl, Goth offered an escape from a mainstream culture that obsessed about female bodies and sex. The music was disturbing and sometimes shocking, but it was unafraid and complex in contrast to the polished illusion of pop, that seemed in danger of shattering at any second.Dr Rebecca Pearson from the University of Bristol, said: ‘Teenagers who are susceptible to depression or with a tendency to self-harm might be attracted to the goth subculture which is known to embrace marginalised individuals from all backgrounds, including those with mental health problems.’Writing in a linked comment in the same edition of the journal, Professor Rory O’Connor from the University of Glasgow in the UK and Professor Gwendolyn Portzky from Ghent University in Belgium said: ‘Clinicians working with adolescents showing an interest in goth subculture and displaying signs of goth identification should be aware of the increased risk of depression and self-harm in later adolescence.Most pop subcultures are doomed to die – or if not, to persist in tragic parody like a bunch of middle-aged mods at a Butlin’s reunion. They tend to coalesce around clusters of young people in reaction to the prevailing zeitgeist, then fade away as the object of rebellion changes, and time spent preening and building a music collection is eaten up by responsibilities. Thus, since it’s no longer 2007, few are now inclined to slip into some neon and describe themselves as Nu Rave.The Goth scene has its antecedents in pre-punk acts such as Alice Cooper, and UK proto-punks The Damned.And it was the late-Seventies post-punk bands, such as Bauhaus, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees, who created its music, often characterised by languorous instrumentals or pounding drums.

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For me, Goth is a feeling, it’s a way of thinking and being, it’s finding beauty in darkness and destruction.

Now she says she wonders whether she is, or ever was, a Goth, and questions the use of such labels.

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