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Now Hiccup and Astrid must look to the future and find rays of light in a life filled with darkness.

A series of one-shots set in my 'Black as Night' universe, featuring a blind Hiccup.

if you have seen a very some interest because I have this user name is a song of a great band called Hedley called We are unbreakable this phenomenal this song (I recommend to anyone who has an interest that listens) and the other part of my Kickin It name is because for me this series means a lot and always have a place in my heart for a very good reason for the other hand also I LOVE WITH ALL MY SOUL How To Train Your Dragon because this films make the best of me and I'm here very recently but reading stories here in a very long time I'm friends with my friends I'm good people and my mother cant complain of my hahaha for that when I can think of more to say about my dire but now I have very little inspiration XDModern AU. Credit to (hollylu-ships-it) for the cover art :)25 year old, Jack Brewer got stuck babysitting his favorite niece Cali. So, Cali plays matchmaker for her Uncle & her teacher to get together.

Hiccup does not want to go back to where his father lives. Reluctantly, they team up to start a wedding business called Dancing and the Dreaming. When a school project brings the two ex-friends back together, will they be able to overcome the obstacles of the past in attempt to pave themselves a better future? When he takes her to school he meets her favorite teacher Ms. But when her Uncle's crazy ex-girlfriend Lindsay comes back, will she get in the way of her favorite soon to be couple? Bring her along this weekend, and prove it to everyone." After a little white lie, Hiccup has to do something drastic to avoid embarrassing himself at a family reunion.

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And what she really doesn't know is that this little incident will inspire her to think about things she'd never allowed herself to consider before. Escapar fue la solución, pero ahora debe luchar contra su pasado con tal de tener la esperanza de un mejor futuro para él y para los suyos.

(Unrelated to my other story)Popular college student Ymir tries to flirt with Christa after spotting her in the library. Two worlds are brought together by a fragile bridge of trust from an encounter at the County fair. But can Hiccup's world stay the course or will life after High School be too much?

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