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Invasive bladder cancer (like cancers of other organs) has the ability to spread (metastasize) to other body parts, including the lungs, bones, and liver.Bladder cancer invariably starts from the innermost layer of the bladder (for example, the mucosa) and may invade into the deeper layers as it grows.Alternately, it may remain confined to the mucosa for a prolonged period of time. Most common is a shrub-like appearance (papillary), but it may also appear as a nodule, an irregular solid growth or a flat, barely perceptible thickening of the inner bladder wall (see details in subsequent sections).Bladder cancer has the dubious distinction of inclusion on the top 10 list of cancers, with an estimated 76,960 new cases occurring in 2016 within the U. Bladder cancer is three to four times more likely to be diagnosed in men than in women and about two times higher in white men than in African-American men.

The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, many of which are known cancer-causing substances (carcinogens), travel in the bloodstream after being absorbed from the lungs and get filtered into the urine by the kidneys.

The urinary bladder, or the bladder, is a hollow organ in the pelvis.