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14-Apr-2018 13:27

In part, that’s because without birth control, women sometimes turn to illegal, and often dangerous, abortions.

In Fabella Hospital’s post-abortion care unit, women lie alone, quietly in their beds.

Fabella Hospital is ground zero of the Philippines’ overpopulation crisis.

The nation’s lowest-income families have little or no access to birth control, since it’s not widely available for free.

Family isn’t allowed into the delivery room or the ward.So this is the first time many men are seeing their wives or girlfriends since the delivery.The women walk out to meet them in the bustling hallway. Mark Jason Dagdagan, the barber, wraps his arm around his wife Carina in the waiting room. “I really just want two kids because life’s very hard,” he says.“If you help them try to control their family size, they won’t get an abortion,” she says.

“Primarily, they want to have it because they don’t have money or they can’t afford having another baby." Upstairs in the maternity ward, visiting hours have begun.

In this predominantly Catholic nation, the bill faced extreme opposition for years.