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05-Oct-2017 17:17

In a half-empty café in south Delhi, the man looks a bit awkward. Sophistication is not this man's strong suit, but he is upfront and ambitious. He is also frustrated with the way things have failed to work out for him in this career of choice.

He watches blue films everyday to master sexual positions, and other intricacies of pleasing women if they were to choose him. "I think I am not good looking,” he says, "But I don't even the have the money to groom myself.

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A few days later, she called, but only to ask if he would recharge her phone connection. "It is not easy to make it in this profession,” says the man, apparently unmindful of others in the café, "I don't want to be the upscale guy who entertains and gives a 'boyfriend experience' to women who are elitist and wealthy. The ones who live in middle-class colonies, and aren't delusional to look for company. Underneath its middle-class sheen, there is a lot,” he says.They are women who just want sex, and they want it raw.” He is aware of the odds stacked against someone who is dark, and isn't fluent in English, and lives in a one-room tenement after having walked out of his family home in Jamia Nagar in Delhi. Depending on the time to be devoted, he offers himself for anything between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000. There is sex on sale in the parks, and sex in the hostels, if you have the money for it.