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16-Oct-2018 02:59

I have it stated on my profile, so a man knows that before he contacts me (if he reads the profile! I have met some wonderful men who have absolutely no problem with my limitations and I adore them for it.But again, I'm at a different stage in my life than you are, OP. When they hear CP they think of someone in a wheelchair who needs constant care not knowing that there are varying degrees of CP or any disability for that matter I will admit that it does sound a little difficult when you first read that in a profile.

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Out of curosity when scanning through profiles and coming across one that says he has a disability does it ever enter the woman's mind to write or not to write based on the thought what she thinks it might be like having sex with a disabled person and if the thought enters the mind about if I had kids with that guy wuold the kids also end up being disabled? He has a wicked sense of humor and I love him dearly.. If we were closer geographically, I'm sure we'd have the potential for some hot steamy moments. I am not having kids at this age, so that isn't my first thought.UK Sex Meet provides access to thousands of willing, horny and consenting adult sex dating profiles from your area and the UK.