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We sent an email asking about the application process and how are potential contestants notified after being selected.

We noticed an additional email address for individuals wanting to voice concerns relating to website experience located here: [email protected]

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Individuals can contact the customer service team of American Idol through social media, by phone, email and traditional mail. Los Angeles, CA 90035 Visit the official American Idol website in order to location an audition site, purchase tickets for the tour, view past and current contestants, view photos and videos as well as keep the conversation going in the American Idol community forums.

Individuals can also purchase performances on i Tunes through the link on the site.

Individuals wanting to send questions and concerns to the customer service team can do so by using the following email address [email protected]

I arrive and there are a ton of guys there, including him, so I join and we all play Super Smash Brothers. Then, he starts inviting me to run with him in the mornings, and he makes breakfast for me.

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I hate that I hate him but I'm done giving him second chances to be nicer or at least civil with me. He asks me if I want to go play nintendo with him at his apartment. He keeps inviting me over, and we quickly become friends.

The week following, he stops kissing me altogether.

I think this is weird, but I don't comment on it, worried about him.

I told him that I was willing to wait, since I was starting to like him a lot. I said only if he really liked me would I want to start. I am quite good, if I do say so myself, having kissed much in the past, and he was okay.

He would often comment about my skill, which was a bit weird, but I didn't want to notice that. The day he gets back(a holiday), my siblings texted me that they wanted to go laser tagging and they wanted 'my boyfriend' to come.Individuals can keep the conversation moving forward by contacting a customer service representative through the various social media channels: Customers cannot contact American Idol directly; instead, they can contact the parent company Fox.