Formula cells not updating

09-Oct-2017 10:05

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If you check the Formula bar in the figure, you can see that I didn't use absolute references (I apologize if you can't make that out!

) I'm glad Nrobinson5 brought up this possibility though.

After 9 hours of searching and simplifying my code I found that these 20 formulae were not getting auto updated where all other formulae were fine (I was using auto calculation update).

Retyping the formula exactly as it was fixed the problem.

That means, the next workbook you open will also be set to manual, even if that's not what you meant.

When the calculation mode is set to manual, Excel displays Calculation in the status bar, but a lot of users won't even notice it, let alone recognize it.

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Defred601 mentioned an interesting paste behavior: if you use the wrong paste option, Excel will paste the evaluated result and not the formula.The following code will successfully replace the data in NAMEDRANGE with the contents of Mydata.A formula in another sheet points to a cell in NAMEDRANGE, and I would expect it to reflect the changes made in NAMEDRANGE after opening the workbook.Instead, the formula will reference the last "unupdated" value.

The formula will not update from the Calculate buttons either.It's a troublesome feature that generates a lot of support calls.

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