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07-Nov-2018 19:28

Third, the shortened variant "limbic" does not correspond exactly to one of the nicks in the existing user list ().The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between IRC nicks, which are used by the current logged-in chatters, and the identified shortened or creatively changed forms of nicks from written messages for later automatic discourse analysis.But explicit direct addressing is not always used or required, for instance, for addressing a message to everybody in a channel (Mutton 2004a).Most IRC clients provide automatic text highlighting including manually set nicknames and variants.

The author identifies seven main categories: 1) people using their real name, 2) self-related names, 3) names related to medium, technology and their nature, 4) names of flora, fauna or objects, 5) play on words and sounds, 6) names related to figures in literature, films, fairytales and famous people, and 7) names related to sex and provocation. She analyzed nicks on a British chat site with four chat forums and 12 chat rooms.

IRC is one of the most frequently used chat systems in the world.