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Providing coincidence counting, a unique patented configuration with two photomultiplier tubes that simultaneously detect signal, the Microbeta The Tri-Carb 4810TR liquid scintillation counter is ready to go for basic research and CPM/direct DPM applications.

With the Tri-Carb 4810TR, you get many of the performance advantages of a more-fully featured Tri-Carb system.

Initially the factory was managed by the head of the commune Anton Makarenko and produced simple electrical machinery (drills)..

Production continued until 1941, when German forces destroyed the factory, and resumed in 1946.

The FED has a gap in the left side of the accessory shoe.

Genuine Leicas have film-loading instructions on the inner surface of the baseplate and the screws on the front are always black; on the FED these screws are chrome-coloured.

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Typical activities per capsule: 100,000 DPM (C-14). Typical activities per capsule: 100,000 DPM (C-14).

The Quantulus GCT 6220 is a liquid scintillation counter for ultra low-level sensitivity, in a lighter benchtop footprint to fit any lab.

It has extremely high sensitivity and unmatched detection of low level Alpha and Beta radioactivity.

To enable better decisions on drug pathways, protect lab environments, or determine contamination in the natural world – while maintaining compliance – you need sensitive, accurate technology.

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For highest sensitivity and accurate, quantitative results, radiometric detection is the gold standard.When I went into the City to pick up the Elmar I introduced here a while back, I naturally brought a camera with me.