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28-Aug-2017 01:04

Gentlemen, I am going to let you in on the secret of living a long life full of happiness, health, vitality and drive. They have big fat beer bellies or they look like they're about to break a hip as they sit on the thigh abductor machine.

In one category, you have the walking train-wrecks.

They got there by taking their destiny into their own hands.

Rather than wither away like the rest of the old farts, the “young in spirit and body” old fellas got there by manipulating their hormone balance.

Where do you suppose you can find all those ingredient together naturally? Unless you have never eaten a cheeseburger, never had a bottle of water, never eaten a salad, never heated up food in a plastic container, never drank a soda pop, and never eaten soy (which is an ingredient in all boxed food) you are not natural. It is a silly fear because every single man alive TRT.

You have been There is a common fear of being dependent on hormones “to function” for the rest of your life. The one's who do not take it simply suffer in silence.

Certainly you have all heard of testosterone and you have most certainly heard about what a killer drug it is and how your dick will fall off if you take it. And believe me friends, suffer is the most appropriate word.

He thought his doctor would laugh him out of the office. Eventually he went to go get checked, along with his father, and guess what? His levels were so low that his father, who is 20 years older than him, had HIGHER levels than he AND his father had low levels also.

How do you know if you might have low testosterone? When you say you want to stay natural, you are saying you want to do nothing about these symptoms even though they can be fixed. It's called Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. Your kindly Doctor will prescribe the necessary ingredients to get you fixed up and feeling like a teenager again. Now, I know we have all been told about the horrors of using testosterone.

He will monitor and check your hormone levels and blood levels as a precaution. Your Doc will prescribe you one of two options: In a word: great. You can expect better recovery from intense exercise and less soreness. You can expect erections like when you were a teenager. I have some good news for you friends, and that good news is this: Those slobs telling you how bad using synthetic testosterone is are one of two things: Before I expose the fallacy of staying natural, ask yourself this important question: Why?

Knowing that you can have the testosterone levels of a man instead of a little boy.

Have you answered this question and decided that you still wish to stay natural? If you were natural you would have grown up in the forest, eating the animals that you killed and the grubbage that you could find.

The cure, friends, for this withering killer, is called synthetic testosterone and is available to you 100% legally by your kindly, local Doctor. It can also be called the fountain of youth, the tree of life. Well, if you are alive today it is a certainty that you have lower testosterone levels than an older man.

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