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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

Bvcr beliere me, dear Sir, Tours most fidthfii Uy, LYDIA MILLEB. It was characteristic of the mind of its author, that he valued words, and even facts, as only subservient to the high powers of reason and imagination.

* The Ifdveni Clnb devotei itated perlodi,— nionllily, I fhlnk.— to nuablet over twenty or thirty milet of country, when the natur«Uits of whom it ii composed, — botanists, geologists, etc.,— carry on the reiearchea of their various departments separately, or in little groups of two or tlirec, as they may desire. It is to be regretted that many introductory works, especially those for the use of 2 14 INTRODUOTOKY RKSUMtf: schools, should be so crammed with scientifio term Sy and fao U hard packed, and not always well chosen, that thej are fitted to remind us of the dragon's teeth sown by Jason, which sprung up into armed men, — being much more likely to repel, than to allure into the temple of science.

in 1843— The rbenonieiia indieated by the Foot-prints in the THamic 8y»tem —The Triaasie and Peimia B Systems onoe regarded as one, nnder the name of the New Red Sandstone— The Coal Measnres in Scotland next in Order of Sneeesskm to the Triassie Syrtem — Differences in the Organisms of the two Systems — Extent of the Coal Measures of Scotland — Their Scenic Peculiari- ties— Aueient Flora of the Carboniferous Period- Its Fauna— Its Etrptiles and Reptile Fishes — The other Organisms of the Period — Great Depth of the System — The Processes by which, during countless Ages, it had been formed, 203-248 LECTURE SIXTH, Remote Antiquity of the Old Red Sandstone— Suggestive of the vast Tracts of Time with which the Geologist has to deal — Its great Depth and Extent in Scotland and England — Peculiarity of its Scenery — Reflection on flrst dis- covering the Outline of a Fragment of the Asterolepis traced on one of its Rocks — Consists of Three Distinct Formations — Their Vegetable Organisms —The Caithness Flagstones, how formed —The Fauna of the Old Red Sand- stone—The Pterichthys of the Upper or Newest Formation — The Cephalaspis of the Lower Formation — The Middle Formation the most abundant in Or- ganic Remains — Destruction of Animal Life in the Formation sudden and violent — The Asterolepis and Coccosteus — The Silurian the Oldest of the Geologic Systems - That in which Animal and Vegetable Life had their earliest beginnings - The Theologians and Geologists on the Antiquity of the Globe —Extent of the Silurian System in Scotland — The Classic Scenery of the country situated on it — Comparatively Poor in Animal and Vegetable Organisms— The Unfoesiliferous Primary Rocks of Scotland — Its Highland Scenery formed of them — Description of Glencoe— Other Highland Scenery glanced at— Probable Depth of the Primary Stratified Roc Ich of Scotland — How deposited— Speculations of Philosophers regarding the Proce^s^es to which the Earth owes its present Form— The Author's views on the subject, 249-298 CONTENTS OF DESCRIPTIVE SKETCHES. The other school holds the opinion — though, perhaps, not very decidedly — that all things have been from the beginning as they are now ; and that if evidence at the present moment leans to the side of a gradual progress and a serial development, it is because so mnch remains undiscovered ; the hiatus, wherever it occurs, being always in our own knowledge, and not in the actual state of things.

Page ACCmni LATIOir B of shells, PHEKOMBNA XXPLAIVATOBT OJP . The next score of years will probably bring the matter to a pretty fair decision ; for it seems iir.

There is no town or district of country where a few young flien, possesfiinfr the advantage of an occasional holiday, might not thus associate themielvee with, the utrooat advantage both to themaelvca and othen. bf TRODUCTOBT RESUME OF THE Pb OGRESS OF GEOLOGICAL SCI- ENCE, 11 LECTURE FIRST. To meet any difficulties arising from misconception, it may be proper to glance rapidly at what has been accomplished in geological research within the last two years. 16 dius avoid the painful impression that there are any suppressed facts of recent date which clash with the theories of the suc- ceeding Lectures, destroying their value and impairing their unity.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Your friendly voice, often heard in tones of symjmthizing inquiry when I was una- ble to endure your own or any other human presence, — even that of my dear child, — was for a time the only sound that brought to my heart any promise or cheer for the future. 816 LEYXL STEPPES OV RUSSIA, AND THBOBT OV MORAHTES . They were the spontaneous utterances of a mind set free from an occu- pation never very congenial, — that of writing compulsory articles for a newspaper, — to find refreshment amid the fami- liar haunts in which it delighted, and to seize, with a grasp easy, yet powerful, on the recreation of a favorite science, as the artist seizes on the pencil from which he has been sepa- rated for a time, or the musician on some instrument much loved and long lost, which he well knows will, as it yields to him its old music, restore, vigor and harmony to his entire being.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I \ JL^.^ jf ^^$^^.^^.^^ Sh KCTOH BOOK OF POPULAR a EOLOGY. It was then, while unable to read the very characters in which they were written, that I put into your hands the papers containing "The Cruise" and '*Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland." You undertook the editorial duties connected with them eon amore^ and performed your task in a manner that left nothing to be desired. notes, and in referring me to the best authorities on every point regarding which I consulted you. My dear husband did, indeed, bring to his science all that fondness, while he found in it much of that kind of enjoyment, which we are wont to associate exclusively with the love of art.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. y ^- I Entered according to Act of Con|p«M, in the year 1850, bj GOULD AND LINCOLN, In tbe Clerk's Office of the District Court of tiie District of Massachusetts. Without your co Speration, I believe that neither the ^* Cruise of the Betsey " nor these pages could by this time have seen the light. 817 TEBEBBATULA, OOKTEMPOBABT AND EXTINCT TYPES OV THE LIVE OV 870 TBAYELLBD BOULDEBS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH CLAT . Yet it may well be doubted whether 12 INTRODUCTORY RESUME: the natural method does not possegs a charm which any more formal arrangement would have wanted.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. When my own over- laden brain refused to do its duty, you gave me to hope, by offers of well- timed assistance, ihat the task before me might still be accomplished. 819 ORAin TIO GHSIBS AVD SAMDSTONX, WITH THK COl TDITIOlf S OV THXIB UPHEAVAL ........ Every one must be struck with the freshness, buoyancy, and vigor displayed in the ^ Summer Rambles ;'' — qualities more apparent in these than even in his more labored Autobiography, of which they are, indeed, but a sort of unintentional continuation.The Upper Ludlow rocks — the uppermost of the Silurians — continue to be the lowest point at which fish are found.

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