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* Standard language emulations include Post Script TM Level 1 and Level 2 with 39 typefaces and True Type TM font scaling, HP PCLr 5 with GL/2, HP-GLr . For users with image-based applications that need both speed and high resolution in networked environments, an optional QMS Image Server capability offers on-demand, fast image printing capabilities. DESIGNATED STATES: AT; BE; CH; CY; DE; DK; ES; FI; FR; GB; GR; IE; IT; LI; LU; MC; NL; PT; SE EXTENDED DESIGNATED STATES: AL; LT; LV; MK; RO; SI INTERNATIONAL PATENT CLASS: G07F-019/00; G06F-017/60; G07F-007/10 ABSTRACT WORD COUNT: 115 NOTE: Figure number on first page: 1 LANGUAGE (Publication, Procedural, Application) : English; English; English FULLTEXT AVAILABILITY: Available Text Language Update Word Count CLAIMS A (English) 200010 2229 SPEC A (English) 200010 11359 Total word count - document A 1358 8 Total word count - document B 0 Total word count - documents A B 13588 ... Once a customer is identified, the home bank can authorize the dispensing of emergency cash to the customer at a foreign branch bank . 9/3, K/2 (Item 2 from file: 348) DIALOG (R) File 348: EUROPEAN PATENTS (c) 2001 European Patent Office. Even if the foreign language's OGM, for instance, the English OGM, is recorded after said original language ' s . Privacy of all data is protected through the use of... The average usability test results in 70 to 100 specific recommendations for improvement. 00761423 A SYSTEM, METHOD, AND ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE FOR EFFECTIVELY CONVEYING WHICH COMPONENTS OF A SYSTEM ARE REQUIRED FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY SYSTEME, PROCEDE ET ARTICLE MANUFACTURE POUR L ' ACHEMINEMENT EFFICACE DES COMPOSANTS D*UN SYSTEME NECESSAIRES A LA MISE EN PRATIQUE D'UNE TECHNOLOGIE Patent Applicant /Assignee : ANDERSEN CONSULTING LLP, 100 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, US, US (Residence), US (Nationality) Inventor (s ) : GUHEEN Michael F, 2218 Mar East Street, Tiburon, CA 94920, US MITCHELL James D, 3004 Alma, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, US BARRESE James J, 757 Pine Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125, US Legal Representative: BRUESS Steven C, Merchant & Gould P. Additionally, the development team should be able to cleanly divide the application ( s ) into pieces that can... Factors which reduce the learning curve include an easy to learn and intuitive interface, thorough and clear documentation, and on -line help .

^ QMS' software loadable system (SLS) capability allows current QMS 1660E users to easily upgrade the print system^Jtrot acting users' investments ^^Crown Print Systems . ..for a unit of its capability, the QMS 1660E provides users with high speed throughput, 16 ppm print speeds, seamless connectivity to virtually any network , exceptional reliability with a duty cycle rating of 35,000 prints per month, flash memory for easy upgrades, extensive paper handling capabilities, comprehensive language support and broad cormectivity options. Dr^T" (c) Set Items SI 7753 S2 1 8416 S3 1 176273 S4 1 7223 S5 70773 S6 92548 S7 201867 S8 202492 1 1 SIO 67 D 1 812 32 S13 32 S14 2 S15 57 4 316 1 1 S17 13 S18 11 S19 11 S20 10 9/3, K/1 (Item 1 from file: 348) DIALOG (R) File 348: EUROPEAN PATENTS (c) 2001 European Patent Office. A., (1570360), 399 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10043, (US), (Applicant designated States: all) INVENTOR: Padalino, Ronald, 951 Brightstone Court , Westlake Village , Calif ornia 91361, (US) Pinnel, Nigel, 1120 Pacific Street , Santa Monica, California 90405, (US) Yu, Wigberto, 3116 Kelton Avenue , Los Angeles, California 90034, (US) Shinn, Philip C, 8943 W.24th Street , Los Angeles, California 90034, (US) LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE: Hynell, Magnus (23172), Hynell Patenttjanst AB, Patron Carls vag 2, 683 40 Hagfors/Uddeholm, (SE) PATENT (CC, No, Kind, Date) : EP 984411 A2 000308 (Basic) APPLICATION (CC, No, Date): EP 99202841 990902; PRIORITY (CC, No, Date) : US 98995 P 980902 . 00316059 Multiple language telephone answering machine. In a conventional telephone answering device , only the original language 's OGM is recorded as custom. ...calling party's voice in foreign languages, for instance, "Hello", "Alio" or the like in response to the first OGM in original language, for instance, "Who is speaking. ", to select the foreign language's OGM that is most suitable for said calling party and to send it to him. 9/3, K/3 (Item 1 from file: 349) DIALOG (R) File 34 9: PCT Fulltext (c) 2001 WIPO/Micro Pat . The user may set spending limits and can monitor spending through an auditable transaction log. Box 2903, Minneapolis, MN 55402-0903, US Patent and Priority Information (Country, Number, Date) : Patent: WO 200073929 A2 20001207 (WO 0073929) Application: WO 2000US14457 20000524 (PCT/WO US0014457) Priority Application: US 99321136 19990527 Designated States: AE AG AL AM AT AT (utility model) AU AZ BA BB BG BR BY CA CH CN CR CU CZ CZ (utility model) DE DE (utility model) DK DK (utility model) DM DZ EE EE (utility model) ES FI FI (utility model) GB GD GE GH GM HR" HU ID IL IN IS JP KE KG KP KR KR (utility model) KZ LC LK LR LS LT LU LV MA MD MG MK MN MW MX MZ NO NZ PL PT RO RU SD SE SG SI SK SK (utility model) SL TJ TM TR TT TZ UA UG UZ VN YU ZA ZW (EP) AT BE CH CY DE DK ES FI FR GB GR IE IT LU MC NL PT SE (OA) BF BJ CF CG CI CM GA GN GW ML MR NE SN TD TG (AP) GH GM KE LS MW MZ SFSL SZ TZ UG ZW (EA) AM AZ BY KG KZ MD RU TJ TM Publication Language: English Filing Language: English Fulltext Word Count: 143275 Fulltext Availability: Detailed Description Detailed Description ... This support includes features such as object check in/check-out, a central design repository for the storage of application objects and user interface definitions, and version control.

The telephone-computer delivers data processing capabilities and services through an ordinary telephone instrument via conventional telephone lines with a network host computer which commiinicates with a vast panoply of service bureaus. "It will be targetted at multinational companies that need an accounting package in several different languages and capable of automatic currency conversion, " said marketing manager, Nigel Youell. Yet another example may be interactive shopping wherein the user may scan a number of home products or foodstuffs and order such items by connecting to a supermarket's Internet web site.

Specifically, operating software is downloaded to the telephone-computer by the network host computer to format the microcomputer to conform to the software format used by the service bureaus. Ultra has a Microsoft Corp Windows client and will run under Unix and Net Ware networks connecting to Oracle and Informix databases via an SQL link, with additonal database support being added in 1996. ...vertical applications around the software and thereby increasing profitability. A further example is the use by poll takers who may scan a particular code which corresponds to the choices of the person... 00632801 INTEGRATED BUSINESS SYSTEM FOR WEB BASED TELECOMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEME D'ECHANGES COMMERCIAUX INTEGRES POUR LA GESTION DE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SUR LE WEB Patent Applicant /Assignee : BARRY- B Reilly, BARRY, B., Reilly , 310 Cliff Falls Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 , US CHODORONEK Mark A, CHODORONEK, Mark, A.

Output signals from the global network computer can be sent to designated facsimile machines, laser printers, telecopiers or automated teller machines for printing the legal currency or negotiable instrument. Members share research and learning, coming together from business and consumer product groups, mortgage banking , marketing, and community relations. In a far more important deal unveiled on October 13, MICROSOFT said it had paid USD 1.5 billion for INTUIT , the US maker of^^ best-selling Quicken persond^piinance software, in one of the biggest-ever software acquisitions. 03554799 Supplier Number: 44992421 (USE FORMAT 7 FOR FULLTEXT) SYSTEMS UNION PICKS UP RIGHTS TO MADISUN FROM YORKSHIRE PARTNER PRODUCTIVITY SOLVED Computergram International, n2500, p N/A Sept 14, 1994 Language: English Record Type: Fulltext Document Type: Newswire; Trade Word Count : 271 {USE FORMAT 7 FOR FULLTEXT) TEXT: ...software from long-term collaborator Productivity Solved Ltd of Yorkshire. , 6508 Trillium House Lane, Centreville, VA 20120 , US De ROSE Eric, De ROSE, Eric , 3151 Anchorway Court &H, Falls Church, VA 22042 , US GONZALES Mark N, GONZALES, Mark, N.

2.0 Refine Search Search,pl WEST I Help I Logout Interrupt Main Menu Search Form Posting Counts Show S Numbers Edit S Numbers Preferences Search Results - Terms Documents LI AND @pd Ai. Document ID: US 5572572 A L4: Entry 10 of 17 File: USPT Nov 5, 1996 9 of 17 4/8/01 PM Record List Display Los Angeles CA N/A N/A Marks ; Harvey Canoga Park CA N/A N/A Caruthers; Douglas W. Los Angeles CA N/A N/A Nguyen; True Cerritos CA N/A N/A Warren; Lucilla Santa Barbara CA N/A N/A Moss; Leslie Los Angeles CA N/A N/A Merguidijian; Sarkis A. Van Nuys CA N/A N/A Lee ; Shan Hacienda Heights CA N/A N/A Vollmer; Jim Culver City CA N/A N/A Ahlin; Leo Etobicoke N/A N/A CAX Weiss; Lawrence D. Pricing and Availability The QMS 1660E Print System is available in two configurations. ...1200 X 1200 dpi resolution on all paper sizes and is QMS reference priced at ,999. The ATM machine provides a convenient way to overcome the language barrier by providing easy-to understand instructions in multiple languages . , One Kings Row, Cumberland, RI 028 64 , US PETERSON Thomas H, PETERSON, Thomas, H.

f=TOC&stati i9.5&ref=4&dbname=USPT&ESNAME=REV US -PAT-NO: 5572572 DOCUMENT- IDENTIFIER : US 5572572 A TITLE: Computer and telephone apparatus with user friendly interface and enhanced integrity features DATE- ISSUED: November 5, 1996 INVENTOR- INFORMATION : NAME CITY STATE ZIP CODE COUNTRY Kawan; Joseph C, Hollywood CA N/A N/A Takata; Melvin M. Skaneateles NY N/A N/A Roth; Leslie Planview NY N/A N/A Krieger ; Kenneth Northport NY N/A N/A Engber; Marjorie New York NY N/A N/A Chin; Edward Long Island City NY N/A N/A Haddock; Robert New York NY N/A N/A US -CL- CURRENT: 379 / 90.01 ; 375/222, 379 / 110.01 ABSTRACT : A telephone configures as a programmable microcomputer (telephone-computer) which operates in most circumstances through a standard telephone 12 -key keypad input. Each model is available through QMS' extensive worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. is a leading producer of monochrome and color network capable print systems and a pioneer in the emerging integrated office system market. This convenience for the public and savings for the banking institutions has led to the widespread use of ATM machines . 00683495 **Image available** METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STORING REFERENCE CODES IN A WRITING INSTRUMENT AND FOR RETRIEVING INFORMATION IDENTIFIED BY THE REFERENCE CODES PROCEDE ET APPAREIL DE STOCKAGE DE CODES DE REFERENCE DANS UN INSTRUMENT D'ECRITURE ET D' EXTRACTION D ' INFORMATIONS IDENTIFIEES PAR LES CODES DE REFERENCE Patent Applicant /Assignee : ATX INTERNATIONAL INC, A. , 99 Messenger Street, Plainville, MA 02762 , US LINDERSON Paul E, LINDERSON, Paul, E.

For security reasons, Sligos declines to describe the server system technology. CIS also added network access points in Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich; news, weather and financial services targeted to the U. The design brief restricted the delivery machines to the lowest common denominator: IBM PC compatibles equipped with EGA graphic cards. The Toll Free Summary Reports generally comprise three sections: Summary, Incomplete Call Analvsis, and Network Customer Blocked Analysis (other category breakdown) . of termination reports: Toll Free by Location, i.e., showing termination summary ...

An Image Server enabled QMS 1660E Print System provides superior print output performance in document imaging applications that require fast, image-on-demand. In addition, the QMS 1660E includes QMS' unique SLS (software loadable system) technology to provide easy system upgrade capabilities, and emulation sensing processor (ESP) technology to provide automatic language recognition and selection for the new print systems. Furthermore they provide ready access to cash to foreign visitors who are spared having to identify their SBTves in a foreign language ail^the cost of having bank personnel fluent in foreign languages . , Suite 200, One Albion Road, Lincoln, RI 02865 , US Inventor { s ) : BUCKLEY John E, BUCKLEY, John, E.