Deepika padukone dating yuvraj

17-Jul-2018 17:38

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Here follows the list of Deepika Padukone's special admirers so far. Nihar Pandya An aspiring actor, whom Deepika met when she initially came in the tinsel town, Nihar Pandya is believed to be dated by the actress' for a while.Also read: Deepika Padukone birthday special: Her love for ‘white' (see pics)It is also said that Nihar's family took good care of Deepika when she was preparing to do big in Bollywood.Though the cricketer and the actress never made an official public appearance, their mannerisms and Deepika's presence on field said it all. They both were seeing having a gala time together and it was evidently visible how much compatible the both were in each other's presence.Ranbir Kapoor One of the most liked on-screen couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranbeer Kapoor was once deemed to be one of the most celebrated real life couple too.The two are still together in a relationship, and Deepika doesn’t deny her feeling for the actor .

From being the lovely ‘Shah Rukh lady', this leggy lass of Bollywood today stands in a never-before achieved matrix of fame and frenzy.After they drifted apart, following her success in Om Shanti Om, she briefly dated Yuvraj Singh.