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21-Jul-2018 17:58

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So you went out with somebody and you thought she was absolutely amazing. So, how do you ensure getting a second date and capitalizing on the heels of a great first date?

(e.g., take her to the park, go to the beach, or take your dogs for a long walk.) Do things that cause her to picture the two of you as a couple. Sitting there and swapping stories over dinner tends to get monotonous after date number one, so start creatively planning different dates so the two of you can start to get to know each other in a very different manner.

Over the course of his career, David Wygant has become a sought after media personality and has been featured as a dating expert.

He is one of the only dating coaches who works with both men and women.

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It's like the modern day carrier pigeon: We send off a note to say we're running late, and off our little pigeon goes to let our loved ones know. You meet, exchange numbers, and spend the next few weeks texting backwards and forwards. How can we expect to connect as human beings anymore if we don't hear voices anymore?No matter how hot, smart, or successful she is, an older woman will always be afraid you’re going to leave her for a younger one.