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10-Aug-2018 08:28

Due to constant report about fraudulent deals going on here I have decided to lock this thread for good.If you are interested call 08133992521 and get hooked up with one.“Wired for Life” has a young woman who’s become sexually denied by her boyfriend seeking love and lust at her local computer repair store; “Skull” looks deep inside the sexual void of the main character, who incidentally has one eye and displays her vulnerabilities to her lover by lifting her eye-patch and allowing things to enter the ocular cavity; “The Soul Molecule”'s narrator is asked or rather initiated into a creepy club of abductees while eating french toast and Egg Beaters; while a sadder story, “Larsen’s Novel” examines the life of a family man who spends 10 or so years writing a terrible novel, only to be shunned by his best friend out of jealousy.

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