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She tends to dress on the femmy side Lipstick Mafia: Group of (generally Femme) lesbians who either 1) work to recruit new lesbians into the lesbian community or 2) form a close-knit protective circle around members of their group of friends. Pillow Queen: A girl who likes to receive sexually (but refuses to give in return). Stem: A stem is a lesbian who identifies somewhere between “stud” and “femme.” Stud: a dominant lesbian, usually butch.Queer: Once considered a derogatory word, some people use this term to be all inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. I HIGHLY recommend that you grab yourself a copy of The Lesbian Lifestyle Book.Bisexual: A girl (or guy) who likes both girls and boys. Lesbian: A women who is sexually and emotionally attracted to other women.For more information, click to read our article on the Top 4 Myths About Bisexuals. Lipstick lesbian: A lipstick lesbian is a woman who loves other women, but also loves her clothes and makeup and shoes.Man-in-the-middle attack: When a fraudster secretly intercepts and possibly alters messages between two parties who believe they are securely communicating with each other.Pharming: When hackers use malicious programs to route you to their own websites (often convincing look-alikes of well-known sites), even if you've correctly typed in the address of the site you want to visit.

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The term "dating sim" is also often used incorrectly in English as a generic term for romance-driven games (ren'ai games), a subject matter which is stereotypically associated with the visual novel genre.Whaling: Phishing attempt on a "big fish" target (typically corporate executives or payroll departments) by a scammer who poses as its CEO, a company attorney or a vendor to get payments or sensitive information.Sid Kirchheimer is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP Books/Sterling.Ghosting: Theft of the identity of a deceased person to fraudulently open credit accounts, obtain loans or get utility or medical services in the person's name.

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Hash busters: The random words or sentences contained in spam emails that allow these emails to bypass your spam filters.Smishing: Phishing attempts that go to your mobile devices via text message, telling you to call a toll-free number. Spear-phishing: Phishing with personalized email, often appearing to be from someone you know.

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