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, 1992: A new approach to kainoids through tandem Michael reaction methodology: Application to the enantioselective synthesis of dextro- and levo-alpha-allokainic acid and to the formal synthesis of levo-alpha-kainic acid, 1993: A new approach to measure fusion activity of cloned viral envelope proteins: fluorescence dequenching of octadecylrhodamine-labeled plasma membrane vesicles fusing with cells expressing vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein, 1995: A new approach to phosphoserine, phosphothreonine and phosphotyrosine synthons and to thiophospho analogs: Stepwise synthesis of mono- and multiphosphorylated phosphopeptides related to scr-protein kinase, 1997: A new approach to secondary structure evaluation: secondary structure prediction of porcine adenylate kinase and yeast guanylate kinase by CD spectroscopy of overlapping synthetic peptide segments, 1994: A new approach to the design of sigma-2-selective ligands: Synthesis and evaluation of N-(2-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)ethyl)-N-methyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)ethylamine-related polyamines at sigma-1 and sigma-2 receptor subtypes, 1993: A new approach to the synthesis of optically active pseudo-sugar and pseudo-nucleoside: Syntheses of pseudo-alpha-D-arabinofuranose, (dextro)-cyclaradine, and (dextro)-1-pseudo-beta-D-arabinofuranosyluracil from D-arabinose Bayés, M.; Goldaracena, B.; Martínez-Mir, A.; Iragui-Madoz, M.I.; Solans, T.; Chivelet, P.; Bussaglia, E.; Ramos-Arroyo, M.On behalf of the many non-Japanese historians working in this field, I wish to add this note of appreciation to Naomi Fukuda for what has clearly been a labor of love. This guide will inform the present and future generations of foreign historians of Japan to what will surely be a truer and more up to date conception of Japan's lengthy and varied historical tradition. A.; Baiget, M.; Vilageliu, L.; Balcells, S.; Gonzàlez-Duarte, R.; Grinberg, D. M.; Vidgren, P.; Kokkarinen, J.; Laasonen, K.; Liippo, K.; Lindqvist, A.; Paananen, M.; Poukkula, A.; Ruotsalainen, E M.; Salomaa, E.

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The present volume, containing just under 1000 entries, leaves to yet another volume coverage of such subjects as the history of literature, the arts, folklore, and education. Finally, I am acutely aware of the change in membership of the professional historical discipline that has occurred since the early 1950s. Of the leading or emerging giants who led the field out of the wartime constraints and the early postwar era of intellectual confusion, xi some have died (among them Inoue Mitsusada, Toyoda Takeshi, and Wakamori Taro), and many have retired and have been honored with festschrifts (among them Takeuchi Rizo, Furushima Toshio, Kodama Kota, and Miyamoto Mataji, to name those with whom I have been especially associated). The appearance of Miss Fukuda's work invites comparison between the state of the field of history in Japan in the early 1950s and the 1980s.

We note first the large number of substantial multi-volume works covering the full span of Japanese history. Our Center has been providing scholarly bibliographies for Japanese studies throughout the postwar period.