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13-Dec-2017 08:15

A non Dyspraxic friend of mine went to Odessa in the Ukraine to meet some girl but found it to be an agency and she took two steps back away from him!

Little does she know but he probably has a bob or two tucked away.

Hopefully I can avoid the usual crash and burn experience I seem to be master of.

Thanks for the responeses, I have also tryed many diffrent dating sites and had little luck. I have now decided just to stay away and find more social groups and classes. Does anyone know of meetng groups and social groups where people with dyslexia and dyspraxia meet up?

I once went on a couple of blind date things to do with some thing on my old mobile service provider, but neither went very well.

I've long since accepted that it's unlikely I'll find a relationship through this kind of thing and it's more likely that I'll meet someone eventually from everyday life. Have tried various dating, sites most recently E-Harmony.

I spend to much time just chatting online rather than meeting anyone. I'm sure some women (or men) are as tentative on ourselves on these dating sites.

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I have tried various different dating sites with little success.I have tried to meet people at courses, but feel that I need friends right, now.