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30-Sep-2018 07:26

All of those early stories were accompanied by this photo of the bidadari’s porcelain head, swathed in a jilbab, staring into the camera with a slight smile.The story became the talk of Laut Banggai and Indonesian social media in general.For all the anti-Valentiners and couples who just love to go against the grain, Paulaner, Grand Indonesia is inviting all the singles for a night of partying, and of course, couples are welcome too. Where: Paulaner Brauhaus, Grand Indonesia East Mall Lv 2 Jl.A live band will sing its romantic repertoire and offer fun games.

One of Jakarta’s most popular restaurants, the huge selection of International dishes in Fairmont Hotel Spectrum’s buffet is just one of its many draws. Asia Afrika No.8, Central Jakarta RSVP / More Info: (021) 29703333 While Valentine’s Day is synonymous with roses and chocolates, a romantic dinner date for two just isn’t everything.

For a little over a week or so, many “citizen journalism” sites in the Indonesian media had been posting reports about a “bidadari” (a kind of female angel from Indonesian mythology) that had fallen from the sky and been found by fishermen in a remote village in the Banggai Laut Regency in Central Sulawesi.