Dating nanotechnology

18-Aug-2017 12:33

It is often assumed that science and faith are always at loggerheads with each other.This, however, is a common misconception, as there are numerous instances demonstrating the co-existence and co-operation between science and religion.If you have not been directly affected by it, chances are you know someone who has. So the combining of misapprehensions regarding nanorobots and cancer is a harrowing read as I recently discovered in article infuriatingly entitled: “Nanorobots: Novel Technology for Cancer Therapy.” The basis for much of the mish-mosh found in this blog post seems to be an article that can be found in the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, dating back to June 2003.Then the article brings up the use of quantum dots for targeting cancer cells without the slightest hint of a transition after discussing the same capability in nanorobots.Preface IX 1 Discovery, Invention, and Science in Human Progress 1 1.1 Origins of Technology, the Need for Human Survival 1 1.2 The Industrial Revolution: Watt’s Steam Engine, Thermodynamics, Energy Sources 2 1.3 A Short History of Time: Navigation, Longitudes, Clocks 4 1.4 The Information Revolution: Abacus to Computer Chips and Fiber Optics 5 1.5 Overlap and Accelerating Cascade of Technologies: GPS, Nuclear Submarines 6 1.6 Silicon and Biotechnologies: Carbon Dating, Artificial Intelligence 7 1.7 Nanotechnology: A Leading Edge of Technological Advance, a Bridge to the Future 13 1.8 How to Use This Book 15 References 16 2 Smaller Is More, Usually Better, and Sometimes Entirely New!17 2.1 Nanometers, Micrometers, Millimeters – Visualizing a Nanometer 18 2.2 Moore’s Law: from 30 Transistors to a Billion Transistors on One Chip and Cloud Computing 19 2.3 Miniaturization: Esaki’s Tunneling Diode, 1-TB Magnetic Disk “Read” Heads 22 2.4 Accelerometers and Semiconductor Lasers 24 2.5 Nanophysics-Based Technology: Medical Imaging, Atomic Clock, Sensors, Quantum Computers 26 References 27 3 Systematics of Scaling Things Down: L = 1 m → 1 nm 29 3.1 One-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Scaling 29 3.2 Examples of Scaling: Clocks, Tuning Forks, Quartz Watches, Carbon Nanotubes 31 3.3 Scaling Relations Illustrated by Simple Circuit Elements 37 3.4 Viscous Forces for Small Particles in Fluid Media 38 3.5 What about Scaling Airplanes and Birds to Small Sizes?

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He has designed graduate courses on Nanoelectronics, Alternative Energy, and Nanotechnology on different levels.Researchers at Washington State University and 13 other institutions have found that the arc of prehistory bends towards economic inequality.

Overall, it is difficult to argue for a downside to the increased availability and applicability of radiocarbon dating, but it is important for archaeologists to handle their prime tool for dating site occupations with great care.… continue reading »

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