Dating intimacy and the teenage years

09-May-2018 02:31

In addition, spending time with others is a way to identify what you like and don’t like in other people—and in yourself.

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Teens who feel comfortable talking openly to a parent or another adult about sex may be less likely to go through an unplanned pregnancy or contract an STD.Teens may also feel more impulsive and more inclined to take risks, like experimenting with drugs or alcohol, driving without a license or having unsafe sex. Although all of the changes you experience in puberty are natural and healthy, teens don’t always react to these changes in a safe or healthy way.Teen hormones have an impact not only on their bodies and minds, but also on their behavior.It’s also likely that they’ll experiment with sex, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC reports that in 2015, 30 percent of teenagers who were surveyed reported that they had had intercourse during the previous three months.Teens become much more interested in sex, sometimes to the point of obsession, as teen hormones kick into gear.

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