Dating in sterling

04-Nov-2018 17:40

Don Draper goes for women at their most vulnerable.

His established type is young women, often at a crossroads in their life or a moment of need.

She can be pretty, plain, old or young — Don Draper is on the case. But fellas, Don is not the one you want to be imitating, not at all.

You want to be like Roger Sterling — the silver fox who headed up the original Sterling Cooper Agency.

He’s so undecided on his own issues, but he’s incredibly honest with others about their own lives.

Don was the only one to express a negative opinion regarding Roger’s marriage to much-younger Jane in season three, but Don’s weakness is he cannot stand to have people who tell the truth in his life around him for very long.

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Roger helps that drunk guy clean up and drives that lady home.That’s how Roger, in an unexpected way, is more of a modern man than Don Draper can ever hope to be.He knows who he is and treats well those lucky people who see it too.If you have a facial scar, crack a joke about letting that damn Simba get away. He fought in the Korean War, for the love of God, but he acknowledges it and isn’t hampered by crippling denial.

As a result, women of all age groups are attracted to this silver fox.He was young Sally Draper’s “date” in an episode to an exclusive event, despite the fact it may have made him look ridiculous to everyone else. Everyone has a moment where they have to choose between flirting with someone and doing something good for someone else.