Dating in germany vs dating in america lol dating singles and personals

15-Sep-2018 02:46

Back to age, and unfortunately the double standard, it is also not unusual for young German men to date woman consid­erably older than they; the understanding being that it is good experience or training for the men.Anyway, returning to our date - it is expected that if a man has asked a woman out, he is to pay for the evening.At the same time, it is not unusual for a woman - in some subtle and not so subtle ways - to indicate her interest in being asked.Overall, arranging where to meet or pick up a date is flexible; It may be a prear­ranged location like a theater, restaurant or disco, or at the home of one or the other depending on availability of transport­ation.However if a young woman, presumably living with her parents, has accepted the invitation of a man it is customary for him to pick her up at her home; bringing a small bouquet, or a flower or two for the mother is considered in good taste. it is not unusual in Ger­many for a man to date a wo­man much younger than he. Most German parents do not expect (and may even get down-right nasty) if serious advances are made toward a young daughter (she having ideas of her own, notwithstanding.).

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So in order to avoid frustration and embarassement, there are some “Do's and Dont’s” you may want to be aware of.

As far as independence is concerned, the difference between European women vs American women is also striking.

Despite being immature, American women are much more independent in spirit than European women.

It is always fun to be around American women, cause their curious and unpredictable nature keeps the fire of adventure burning in them.

European mature women vs American independent women, that’s it.Keep in mind however, that there are exceptions to every rule; age, social status and local customs come into play as well as changing attitudes stem­ming from feminist influences.

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