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Unless it is a Division-wide event with your Chief, LPO, etc.attending, say that you have other plans and do not attend.The Chief and one of the LPOs had families so they celebrated elsewhere. Your division does not need to know about your boyfriend or the bars you go to on the weekends.I stayed for the dinner portion, but when they decided to go to the bars, I took my leave. – Fraternization begins as a slippery slope-spending time one-on-one in divisional spaces discussing non-work related items, then “running into each other” out in town, then perhaps a closer relationship. – There still is a double standard in our Navy, as well as society.Junior officers may find that they have more in common with the Sailors they lead than other officers in the wardroom.It is fine to chit-chat during the work day, but it becomes a problem when it is after hours.Let’s look at some of the details: – Female JOs are placed in a unique position.Graduating from college, becoming an officer, moving across the country (or world), and settling into “adult life” can be stressful.

You should not spend your entire night on liberty with your Sailors.Please upgrade your browser to the latest version for a great shopping experience.Recognizing that there are challenges specific to the experience of female JOs to which I cannot credibly write, I’ve asked for input from some experienced female officers. You have completed your college degree and commissioning program.You will likely be put in charge of an area that you have little to no experience or knowledge about. However, there are significantly fewer female officers, especially on frigates, destroyers or submarines. You may lack the instant social network of college/Greek life/NROTC. – Sailors at the E-4/E-5 pay grade are generally at the same age as newly commissioned officers.

They listen to the same music, watch the same TV shows, and often have the same things in common.ENS Smith and PO3 were seen at the triathlon arriving at the same time, etc.), this can be horrible for the female officer’s reputation. How can you be friendly with your division and yet maintain your professional boundaries? Do not engage with your Sailors on any form of “social media.” Your Facebook/Twitter, etc., should be for your friends, not for your Sailors to see photos of you from college.

It was a very Catholic setting, and people didn't believe in premarital or extramarital sex — not that it didn't happen, of course it still did, but birth control was not readily available and kind of taboo. It was aggressive and sort of indicative of other things I’ve heard about gender roles and machismo.… continue reading »

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