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If your case is contested, you will have to prove your case with evidence during the hearing.This may include your testimony, testimony of , documents and exhibits.Courts usually ask a party in the case to write complete the The judge/commissioner must remain impartial in order to hear your case.The judge/commissioner and parties only can communicate when everyone involved in the case can hear and join in the discussion.Making payments through the Missouri Family Support Payment Center gives you an official record of payments and you can get other services.The Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division will give you a MACSS account number.Health insurance providers may want this done before they will cover the child. You should talk to a lawyer who can advise you about your rights and responsibilities.

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Employers also may charge a small monthly fee for processing payments held from wages.It is very important for you, as the client to have the opportunity to view any motions before they are submitted to the court.