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29-Jul-2017 17:44

After I wrote this column, a slightly caustic piece about the quality of some ready meals that I had experienced courtesy of my parents, I was contacted by Marks & Spencer, and invited to come and taste some of its offerings, many of which, I now know, are devised specifically with the 65-plus market in mind.

To make sure the target group was involved, I took along my 83-year-old father, John Millard.

With the advent of shops on the high street such as Cook, which provides frozen "home-cooked" dishes suitable for a dinner party, and high-street supermarkets pushing out the range of their ready-meal offerings, this seems highly likely.

While there is undoubtedly a large consumer base of time-poor diners who like to pick up a microwaveable feast on the way home from work, there is another demographic that producers of ready meals have clearly in their sights: the elderly.

"Well, our Traditional meals customer knows what they like," says James Newton-Brown, the head of product development, diplomatically.

Newton-Brown, 40, is a former chef who worked at places including the Ritz.

We can choose separate meals if we wish – a bit like a restaurant."It sounds idyllic, but is it all it's made out to be?

"It is possible that heightened immune responses—rather than defective immunity—attack the body and lead to disease in these individuals," said Dr Daniel Goldstein, from the Yale School of Medicine, who led the research.

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