Dating for crossdressers

07-Nov-2018 10:16

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This is an important distinction to make, as many people think gender is sex, and sex is gender. In fact, this misunderstanding is what causes ignorant thoughts such as, "If you look down, you'll see you are a girl. If you see that there, that means your gender is female.

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It does cross a line: the line we've socially constructed and have been taught to think is the only thing that's acceptable.

It simply means they realize that these gender norms are BS, and are confident enough to not care, and do as they please. In fact, I believe many more people could, or would like to be gender fluid, or to a lesser extent, cross-dress, but will not, due to the emphasis on established male and female gender that society has created, and continues to follow dutifully.

Due to the social construction of gender (which you start to pick up from day one, as your mom wraps you in pink or blue, depending on if you were born a female or a male,) many think it is wrong to blur the lines between genders, simply by crossing the strict line between a boy and a girl.

I believe I now understand crossdressers, and people who call themselves gender fluid.

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They are similar to transgender people in some ways, but different in many others.To wear a bit of makeup now and then, to feel and look more attractive? So here is where I introduce my understanding of gender fluidity: With the understanding that gender is socially constructed, meaning that it really is something society has created, not something that is naturally right or wrong, we can have a new understanding and acceptance of what it really means to be a boy or a girl.