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An undated sales catalogue describes the company as - "Specialists in building to customer's detailed specifications". premises lists an extended range based on the earlier options:- Frames - "built to your detailed specification" £:0 "Club Model no.1" £:0 "Touring Model" £:0 "Ladies Sports Model" "Club Tandem" - cross-over drive, or, double-diamond pattern if preferred.

Because the road sloped gently downhill you had to step up into the shop. The original transfer (possibly an "off the peg" design) featured an oval, hatch in blue, grading from dark to light from top left to bottom right.An updated catalogue, probably from the mid 1950's (head clips no longer shown) lists a limited range with the noticeable absence of a tandem in the illustrations:- "Track or Path Frame" - or can be built as Road machine £:0 "Eclipse" cycle - frame or complete build, with a variety of accessories.