Dating divorced fortysomething

02-Apr-2018 22:16

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“We’re an island; everyone is trapped here,” laughs Jennifer, a fortysomething divorced mother of three, who compares the microscopic dating pool on Staten Island to what it was like dating in high school, where the good ones are always taken.

Because everyone is so interconnected here, she turned to online dating to meet guys outside the borough when she first started dating after her divorce.

Mill Valley comedian Mark Pitta has a wonderful name for it: Marincest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Only the first names of sources have been used in this article. Even if they don’t know the other’s attorney personally, they certainly know his/her reputation.It almost made me long for the boring safety of my married days, but, of course, without the husband part.I know that Marin has one of the highest rates of recycling in the state - I just didn't know that meant men, too.But sooner or later, as you take your first baby steps to begin the dating game - often, sadly, in a bar - it becomes unavoidable.

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This hit me shortly after my divorce, when Lisa - the first of my friends to divorce and six years into singledom - and I strolled into the Buckeye in Mill Valley.Since he didn't quite remember them or their connection to me, I imagine he's pretty perplexed by their response whenever he tries to hit on one of them - "Woof! Kat Wilder is the nom de plume of a fortysomething divorced Marin mom whose My So-called Midlife column appears every other Sunday on the Relating page.

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