Dating before divorce final texas

19-Aug-2017 02:45

I'll be damned if I let her change me in a way I don't want.I don't fault others for choosing a different path than me and it is probably a healthy choice for a lot of people.I think it's actually funny that you think being trampled over and sitting and taking it like a martyr, rather than having coffee or drinks and chatting with another woman, is something to be proud of. There can never be any gray area or maybe the Marriage was a gray area and the cheating wasn't as unforeseen/bad as the betrayed would have u believe.Most times the betrayed even fantasized about cheating themselves.I believe in trying to live life in the way that makes you proud of who you are and what decisions you make, regardless of what other people have done to hurt you.If you have any thoughts that you might regret not waiting, then a few months really isn't a lot of time.Quite honestly, she wouldn't care if I dated now, and I don't care if she does either.

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It would feel like cheating to me even if it is completely justified.I wasn't judging, just giving an alternative perspective.

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