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27-Aug-2017 08:42

the wedding they get into a big fight, and the honeymoon is suddenly ruined.

Some say they never really recover from the blow out.

The majority of married men in my practice tell me that marriage is emasculating. Instead of actually using the term “emasculation”, they say things like “Who am I? No, we are not referring to the stereotypical Cro-Magnon Man.

We are talking about the New Millennial Man, but with the ages of old hunter instincts shamefully hidden away.

You know by now that that only leads to trouble in the bedroom.

However, out of our natural nurturing tendencies, or our overly active honesty, sometimes we can emasculate our men without even knowing it.

In the rush of getting married, many of us forget to reflect on our internalized messages about marriage.

These messages are unseen ‘ghosts’ who say, “I do” along with you. They include family, cultural, and personal experiences that subconsciously tell us what marriage “is” or “isn’t” and what it “can” or “can’t be.” As a therapist, I know these ghosts can cause significant rifts between couples.

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Source: Shutterstock You may be afraid of being too needy, so you learn to do absolutely everything yourself and never ask for your man’s help. Shutterstock The best thing to say when your man fails to perform in the bedroom is nothing at all. ” Or “How does it feel when I forget important things in your life?Shutterstock Example: “Samantha’s boyfriend got her a new car! Even if you’re not upset that your man can’t give you a new car, simply hearing about another man providing something he can’t give you with will deflate your man’s ego. If you roll your eyes at something your man says, appear bored or disengaged, or just deprive him of eye contact, you could tamper with his confidence.Sometimes we do these things without even realizing it, so stay conscious!But like it or not when something comes up you need to talk about, you just have to fill your partner in on the backstory, catch him up to speed, and let him try to help.

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Constantly reminding him there are people who have known you longer than he has, will make him feel like he’ll never be caught up.

” This is similar to how kindergarten teachers educate their pupil! He really doesn’t want the gold star for figuring it out himself.

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