Dating ak 47

22-Jun-2017 13:37

His design was selected from a number of entries in a competition and put into production.The AK-47 proved to be easy to use and clean, and worked well in a number of different environments, from deserts to jungles.After developing the AK-47, Kalashnikov worked on creating other firearms.He designed several types of machine guns, among other projects, and eventually earned the rank of general.Kalashnikov is considered a national Russian treasure.In 2004, a museum in his honor opened in Izhevsk, the Russian town where many Kalashnikov-designed arms are produced.Kalashnikov later expressed some regret over who has used his prized invention."It is painful for me to see when criminal elements of all kinds fire from my weapon," he said, according to a Reuters report.

Mikhail Kalashnikov died on December 23, 2013 in Izhevsk at the age of 94.

Since 1947, the AK-47 has become one of the most popular assault weapons in the world. Born on November 10, 1919, into a large peasant family in Kurya, in the Atlai region of Russia, Mikhail Kalashnikov is perhaps the most well-known weapons designer of all time.

He created the AK-47 rifle, one of the most widely used firearms in history.

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See Copyright.: This only applies to original works of the Federal Government and not to the work of any individual U. state, territory, commonwealth, county, municipality, or any other subdivision. The gun's initials stand for "Avtomat Kalashnikov," or "automatic Kalashnikov," and are often referred to as "Kalashnikovs." Today, the gun remains one of Russia's most recognizable brands, and it is made in Russia and by licensees abroad.

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