Dating after divorce or widowhood

04-Jul-2018 02:41

Unfortunately, I had to put things on hold for a couple of hours while my son and I attended our weekly bereavement group meeting. Sure, I was a little distracted in group that night, but somehow I was able to contain my excitement long enough to get home.I kept my virtual lover waiting just a little bit longer while I put my son to bed.My husband had sickle cell anemia, the disease that finally took him.His life was hard and intense, and his presence infused every aspect of my existence.It had been a long time since I did anything like that.To my delight, he picked up on it and kept it going.It was hard to believe we had each kept the spark, not to mention the patience, going for that many hours.

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And I certainly never imagined having to ever date again. In an effort to save everyone the trouble (not to mention the awkward moments when I bust you peering through my kitchen window at the back of my house), I’ve decided to put it all out there for everyone to see. I do know, however, that the gossips will gossip and that while I am a grown woman who answers only to me, it is sometimes less work to be blunt.