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17-Feb-2018 13:59

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Except for the uber-rich who could afford computer systems at home, most of the young crowd would shuffle to a cyber cafe each time those 'I'm lonely' pangs hit.

We wonder how many chatroom romeos outlived the cyber cafe era!

Jason consulted and built proof of concept urinary metabolite sensors for Adhere. She has performed research at NASA Ames, Columbia University, and CUNY.

Jason is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA). Her academic background is in theoretical chemistry, mechanistic biopolymer interactions, and origin of life studies.

You're definitely a cyber-kid if you did half of the things mentioned below in cyber cafes!

The cyber cafe era was clearly one of the most punctual Indian eras we guess, as, stay a minute more, and you'd have to pay for half an hour all over again! It was a different high when you managed to complete a school or college project at a cyber cafe!

Brain Backups, a developmental stage startup, is pursuing one of the biggest scientific and technological discoveries of our time: a map of every connection in the human brain.

The connectome, sometimes called the genome of the brain, is the next frontier in neuroscience.

She was also a Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute where she worked on network theory and biological information transmittal.

Mihai Dinulescu CBO Mihai is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for helping others.With cutting edge micron scale contrast agents, Brain Backups is poised to revolutionize neuroimaging.