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24-Jun-2017 19:51

We were great buddies: he was good and kind and he loved me.

But I wasn’t sensible enough at the time to think that might be enough." • Francesca, 48, has two children from a ten-year marriage to her first husband, who were aged seven and four when they split.

There are money battles – at the beginning he paid over the odds, then he reduced his maintenance to £100 a month because ‘my accountant told me I don’t have to pay’.

Even before he had a child with his new wife, he never prioritised the kids’ needs. It takes a lot of work to avoid highlighting the father’s faults when he is in the wrong, and meanwhile he disappoints the kids again and again.

My priorities have changed: I just wish I’d met my husband 15 years on.

It’s too late for us now - he’s remarried twice, and is with his third wife.

Men want younger women, and the only place I meet them now is through dating sites like

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Controversial new research suggests that women cope with divorce better than men, and over half of divorcees feel relieved their marriage is over.

Deep down, divorce is an emotional and financial struggle, and I regret it for the children’s sake every day." • Alison got divorced in 1989 after a seven-year marriage to a US businessman. She is now 49, single and works as a PA in Brighton. I was 34 and it didn’t upset me a bit – it’s only in the past four years that I’ve come to regret it.

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I married within nine months of meeting my husband.I look young for my age, but I’m scared that when they first see my face, theirs will drop.

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