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13-Aug-2018 20:59

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All of the cross-references will immediately update and you're good to go.We have inserted cross references in documents back to numbered paragraphs. Hi Julie-Ellen, The cross-references probably won't update until you do at least a print preview.Important: If you want to create cross-references to figures and tables, their captions must have been created with Word's , the field to which the cross-reference links has been deleted (for instance, a deleted figure or table caption produces this error).If you are not sure which element the cross-reference referred to before, undo the update and check.Now if that bookmark moves to another page as you edit the document and it repaginates, you can easily update that reference without having to manually check it.

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As you say, Word does show the text before you update the bookmark.In the "For which bookmark" list at the bottom of the dialog box select the bookmark that you want to cross-reference to.Once you're happy with what you have there, click "Insert" and Word will insert the page number at the current cursor location.Or perhaps you’ve inserted the cross-reference in a table but the font used in the table is smaller than that used in the body text, yet the cross-reference displays in the larger font.

When the number of a figure, table or subclause changes, these references are updated automatically, which avoids manual find-and-replace operations.

Select the one you want to cross-reference to and then click Insert.