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I can be totally honest with Tanya and she with me.” Chimes in Tucker: “Right now we’re sharing things that I’ve never, ever shared with anyone.” Their shared Southern roots certainly couldn’t be deeper.Born in Seminole, Texas, Tanya grew up in Wilcox, Ariz., where her father, Beau (now her manager), “did everything from selling junk iron to core drilling.” At the age of 9 she walked up to singer Mel Tillis at a county fair.As Tanya recollects it, “I said, ‘I heard that you and Sarah are separated. She’s very savvy and at the same time has the innocence of a child. Finally I said, ‘What are you doing the rest of your life? I’m a homebody at heart.” So far neither of them is planning a wedding, but Campbell notes that they share a love of “simple things, like fishing and hunting and getting away.” Not to mention an aching knowledge of the music world’s pressures.I’m really concerned and I want to know if there’s anything I can do for you.’ Glen said, ‘Yeah, come over and let’s sing some songs together.’ ” That first time, Glen cautions, “We just talked. ’ She said, ‘Nothin’.’ Suddenly I was with someone who was really carin’, and I was carin’ back. “I’ve said prayers, ‘Please do not let me get involved with women who are not in this business,’ ” Glen recounts. Now I’m dating one of the finest female talents that God lets draw breath.“I’ve still got my best work ahead of me,” says Tanya, who insists she’s sowing fewer oats now than when she was a teenager and slugged whiskey out of the bottle.

Of course, she adds with a wink, “I kinda felt bad that Glen didn’t steal me from somebody.” The sly reference is to Campbell’s ricochet romance with his departed third wife, Sarah Davis, who was married to colleague Mac Davis before she and Glen started dating. The Republicans, perhaps unwittingly, have booked the torrid Glen-and-Tanya twosome to open their 1980 National Convention July 14 with an all-network duet of the National Anthem. Glen Campbell Well, the Rhinestone Cowboy may or may not have a hotline to the Deity, but if all 44-year-old men got such response, there surely would be no atheists in midlife.At 21, God’s gift to Glen is country music’s sassiest siren, a blue-eyed blonde whose glued-on jumpsuits can scarcely contain her reciprocal affections.There can’t be two people running a household, especially if one of them ain’t supposed to be there in the first place.” Glen says he kicked his mother-in-law out once, but relented after Sarah pleaded for her return.

“Finally, when I told that woman she was interfering with my life too much and had to go, Sarah said, ‘If she goes, I go,’ ” continues Campbell. Leave.’ Sarah said, ‘But this is my house too.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but I am the head thereof.’ There was no argument. The next day I read it in the papers: SARAH FILES FOR DIVORCE.” The split came, sadly, just three weeks after Sarah had given birth to their first child, Dillon Ian Campbell.“We talked and I said, ‘Well, I’m a singer and I want to get started.’ He listened to me blurt one out and said, ‘My God!