Consolidating intercompany inventory prestige dating uk

18-Jul-2017 05:18

Similarly, a shipment transaction in the selling company automatically generates a purchase receipt in the purchasing company.

Finally, an O/E invoice issued in the selling company results in a P/O invoice issued in the purchasing company.

SYSTRONICS Intercompany Utilities is a multifunction application, with each component designed to accomplish a specific task between two or more Sage 300 companies.

SYSTRONICS Intercompany Utilities includes the following sub-modules that are sold and activated individually: The Main Module acts as the application engine and is required for all sub-modules.

For example, if you have 3 users and 4 interrelated companies, you may need a maximum of 12 IAP licenses.

This allows all 3 users to perform operations in all 4 companies simultaneously.

However, in Consolidated Reports only up to 6 companies can be selected to be printed at once, when printing the transactions reports in the Details format, and 8 companies when printing the reports in the Summary format.

Intercompany Utilities uses Sage 300 Integration Access Packs (IAP) while connecting from the logged on company to another Sage 300 company.

It enables profit markups, as well as flexible distribution methods: by number of transactions, by number of employees, by account balances and manual.If in Sage 300 the “This workstation uses Integration Access Pack licenses for external applications” option is not selected, the application will use Lan Paks.

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