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When Russert pointed out that the president seemed to have time enough to go to rodeos, Rice repeated, "Well, I would hope that they would recognize that he's president and that people would be judicious in the use of his time." When Russert pushed her, Rice stuck right to that script: "As I've said, Tim, I believe the president is prepared to spend whatever time they need to answer their questions, but I hope that people will be judicious with his time." : Tim, this is not a matter of preference; this is a matter of principle.

It has long been a legal and constitutional principle that assistants to the president, the presidential staff, do not testify before legislative bodies. And on she went, and the interpreters supplied the obvious interpretation, which was that the administration was stonewalling.

And (as in every surface-depth paradigm) the hidden thing is presumed to have truth value.

No doubt the quest to expose politicians also contains a certain ambivalence about power.

: The president, of course, is the president, and he does have a schedule to keep, but he has said that he will sit with the chairman and with the co-chairman and that he will answer whatever questions they have.

And I'm quite certain he will take as long as they need to answer those questions.

If politicians say something revealing only by mistake, then every mistake becomes big news.

A zeal for exposure—exposure of anything—sets in, meaning that reporters start prowling through political candidates' trash cans and love lives in search of something that supposedly reveals the "real person." The faux revelation substitutes for political substance, exactly because substance has been evacuated from political speech.

We're composed of an inside and an outside in this account, the outside being the thin veneer of socialization and repression that holds all manner of pleasure-seeking urges and infantile wishes at bay. or the boss.) And as everyone knows, because pop Freudianism permeates our culture's understanding of how selves operate (even as psychoanalysis itself fast becomes a doctrine in decline), such slips aren't random or innocent, they This view is now so standard that it can serve as a regular premise for sitcom humor without requiring the least explication of the principle.

(Rice is also an accomplished pianist.) What we're unclear on is why the scene needed to run nearly a minute in length, an eternity on a 22 minute sitcom. It was even more jarring because Rice and Baldwin clearly weren't on the set together.