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A long time ago, maybe 30 years ago, a child logged into an amazing service called Compuserve.Sure, it cost something like /hour to use and he was thus limited in how long he could enter that world, but he was immediately amazed that he could communicate almost instantly with users across the globe.GIFs would similarly render line by line, and you’d have to wait minutes just to see the simplest of images.I wish I could find an appropriate video to show what it was like, but needless to say it was a wholly different experience from what we have today.Out of AOL (and Mirabilis, the Israeli company acquired by AOL that created ICQ) came what today we call Instant Messaging (buddy list based real-time communications).Just a note on GIFs and the early days of online services.The new generation of Internet providers had another distinct advantage over the legacy companies – they were all connected through standard protocols.

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In addition, messaging applications are removing the need to curate your contact list, and making all your contacts who use their software available for you to message.

You could only communicate with others using the same proprietary service provider (America Online, Compuserve, Delphi, etc.).