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New releases of Page Builder and the theme itself to better handle pages.Also adding wildcards to id Get sorta broke things that I didn't check. Cranking items per page up to 9999 makes everything look nice, but it's just not as easy to navigate when your collection is massive (New took forever to render).Though be warned people IMHO are very liberal in what's considered a story arc. dl=0Prereq sudo apt-get install xml2 sudo apt-get install convert How to execute copy the script into your pagebuilder directory and add execute perms add your api key to the code execute for an publisher Example ./arc -p /media/Library_X/Comic/DC_Comics/Justice_League_2011/ -d /media/Library_X/Comic/Story Arcs [ Good for you to see what you have ] or ./arc -p /media/Library_X/Comic/DC_Comics/ -d /media/Library_X/Comic/Story Arcs [ Recommend ] ./arc -p /media/Library_X/Comic/ -d /media/Library_X/Comic/Story Arcs [ NOT Recommend ]If you want details about what the code is doing run add -x ./arc -p /media/Library_X/Comic/DC_Comics/Justice_League_2011/ -d /media/Library_X/Comic/Story Arcs -x finally getting around to try and play with the bookmark / story Arc developments, I've been editing the files as I don't use Reverse Proxy Prefix either, and I noticed this under - - but I don't see a scripts folder anywhere? presumably it'll work as src="/../scripts/tools.js" ? So far I can get the little bookmark icons to hover over everything but clicking on them doesn't seem to do anything.

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It parses the Title and Description for the folder_- just blank lines on the CSVFor story arcs would it be possible for them to appear on the main page for a comic? The arc Scanner built out three in series arc for one piece ( The Arc directory in the image below isn't normally there.I installed a Mac OS compiled version of pup, and removed the mydir variable so it's taking my system's pup I made sure that both the publisher dir and the page builder-built series dir are calling etc.It seems to find the story arc, keeps going, generates the files, downloads the image, it even seems to find the associated comic (this story arc I'm testing is only 1 series), it seems to know the number of issues and line-breaks X times for that, then finishes up, and I have all the files in the folder, but the CSV file is blank except for the commas. I/m trying to run the arc Builder on my mac and it's finding comics and writing blank likes.Much like New and search result pages, they're loading css only. I even tried xss and javascript injection, no dice.

Hey all, thought I'd chip in if you're looking for a way to create hard links for your story arcs.

I turned mine down to 48/page, which then broke id Get (since it was hardcoded for page 1) as well as bookmarks and story arc pages (for the same reason).