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You can specifically request a herpes test if the practitioner does not include it in standard checkups.

You can order a confidential STD test from STDCheck.

Wyatt wins VIP tickets for the Mighty Weasels concert, and both Nikki and Jude compete to get them.

Caitlin really likes Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, so Jen and Jonesy try to help her to get a date with him.

Therefore, the gang makes numerous tries to get her to call in sick.

Nikki doesn't accept Caitlin as a friend, since she has known the others since kindergarten.

In an attempt to make Nikki less individualistic, Chrissy declares her the new "Employee of the Month." Their brainwashing starts to work, and Nikki slowly becomes another Clone.

Jonesy is the secret shopper, and Jen tries to get her store reputation back up after being rude to Jonesy.

They all go to the mall to try to get jobs while on their holidays.Meanwhile, Nikki is teased by The Clones after becoming a temporary assistant manager because her tag says "Ass. While normally the most strict and lawful of the gang, Jen steals an expensive sports jacket to be hip and impress a guy who does not pay much attention to her.Meanwhile, Jude falls for a talking chair named Betty.__________________________________________________ Note: Not all genital herpes statistics are consistent from study to study.

Most say 25% of American women have the virus, and 20% of American males. The studies with slightly lower numbers refer to people ¹ (Source: ² (Source: ³ (Source: ⁴ (Source: ⁵ (Source: ⁶ (Source: Using a song that describes how great his friends are, Wyatt wins an idol competition taking place in the mall and becomes famous.