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Ancestral rites also were performed at the local and familial levels.

It was common then, as it is today, to find ancestral temples and shrines in towns and villages dedicated to individuals, who became deities through legends surrounding their lives and deaths.

Whether it means consulting inscriptions on animal bones or tortoiseshells (see the Shang Oracle Bone in Section 2, Traces of Ideas) during the Shang and Zhou periods or using wood blocks to learn the response of an ancestor or deity in modern temples and homes, negotiating the three levels of heaven, earth, and the underworld through divination constitutes a point of continuity in Chinese religious culture. 551–479 BCE) Confucius lived in China during the latter half of the Zhou dynasty (eleventh century–256 BCE).

As a philosopher and teacher, Master Kong influences far more people today through classic writings, such as the Analects (Lunyu), than he did during his lifetime.

The Way, on the other hand, constituted a natural path for humanity.

Whereas Heaven emphasized choice, the Way required a yielding heart-mind (xin); both were crucial for achieving harmony in the earthly realm.

The two-soul theory confirmed the multilayered reality in which the Chinese lived.

The fifth feature of the ancestral cult embodied the roles played by mediators, such as shamans (wu) and ritual specialists or priests (zhu).1600–256 BCE) Two practices that extend from these ancient dynasties to the present are ancestral rites, performed in conjunction with the ancestral cult, and divination.Although they are not unique to Chinese culture–Romans and Hebrews also revered their ancestors and used divination to discern the workings of the supernatural world–both have outlived many other belief systems.Two other concepts that were predominant in Confucius’s worldview were Tian (Heaven) and Dao (Way).

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His heaven represented a celestial power connected with the will of mighty ancestors, such as the widely known Yao, Shun, and Yü.Their philosophies, though, are like two sides of a coin.

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