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31-Jan-2018 06:05

This releases a lot of energy because the original atom was so unstable.

Also, those neutrons that were ejected can be used to initiate several other fission reactions.

Many fission reactions are initiated by a very heavy atom being hit (or, in chemistry lingo, bombarded) by a neutron.

This makes the already slightly unstable heavy atom even more unstable, which causes it to split into smaller atoms and possibly eject a few neutrons.

This is called Therefore the characteristic property of the radioisotope, namely its radioactivity can act as a tag or label, which permits the fate of the element or its compound containing this element to be traced through a series of chemical or physical changes.

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Keep in mind that during this process, not all of the mass is conserved.It also allows the estimation of the age of geological samples using the decay of long lived nuclides.All radioactive decays follow first order kinetics.We use the sun's energy for solar power, photosynthesis, and even in the fossil fuels we burn.

Fossil fuels are really just dead organisms that once used the sun for energy and that have been under a great deal of pressure by being buried under rocks.

One of the interesting applications of radioactive decay is the technique of radioactive dating.

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