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17-Jul-2018 10:58

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Right now I'm currently studying Real Estate and my dream is to become a Million Dollar Real Estate Investor. ) 90's Hip Hop/ R&B and Neo Soul are my favorite genres, I used to be a DJ, so music is the antidote to all my woes.

I'm a well educated, sensitive, soft stud who has been through enough heartbreak.

Stud for stud – or S4S – women are showing up on TV shows, forming online groups and openly turning their backs on rules that say Ms. Insiders say such relationships are old news among whites.

But in black circles, where strict ideas of what it means to be a lesbian prevail, the evolution is causing celebration and controversy.‘Society has told us you need this balance of power’To be sure, there have always been femme-femme or so-called “no label” pairings among black LGBT women.

Looking for a woman who will treat me with respect, love, and as much affection and attention as I have to give. We know how emotionally difficult it was growing up.

I have a Master's degree in community counseling and clinical mental health. I love to watch movies, dance, play video games, cuddle, and be silly.

I am a 36 year old, single, independent mother of one. I like going to nice restaurants, bowling, top golf, occasional bar but I do not club too much anymore. I’m very head strong, loyal, trustworthy and just a honest female looking for that special person.

I just moved to Georgia 3 months ago, and I live with my uncle. I do not have a job, but am currently looking for one. I haven't been with a female in a couple of years and am craving to be with one, no strings attached.

Society has told us you need this balance of power – you need someone to take care of things and the other to nurture,” Onuorah said.“It’s not really about sexuality,” she said.

I'm not looking for a one-night stand or friends with benefits.

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George Bernard's Private Singles Parties Lively dances held every other week, or so, for upscale professionals 28-49, or so, at prominent Manhattan locations as Tavern on the Green, The Waldorf, The Rainbow Room, Eugene nightclub and others.

I am NOT Religious but I am a Spirit Woman who believes in natural medicines, gemstones and alternative healing.

There are so many benefits to meeting African American women online.… continue reading »

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