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Are we going to have children’s church and then they come back in, maybe, if they don’t disappear when they are 13? We provided a nursery until then and eventually those nurseries, I put it in quotes, “became very God-focused and nurturing times to help get little children oriented on God and ready to go with mom and dad to the big service.” That article that we wrote is at the Desiring God website.It is called, The Family: Together in God’s Presence.We approached Sunday morning worship hour in my 33 years in the pastorate with tremendous seriousness and earnestness and expectancy. It seemed to us that for at least one hour a week out of 168 we should sustain a maximum intensity of moving reverence.Now I am going to say that again, because I really like that phrase: a sustained maximum intensity of moving reverence.Making a big church feel like a small, close-knit community starts here.We have crafted the following environments to help you meet people who share your same season of life and live in your area of town.When I came to Bethlehem as a pastor in 1980, one of the first issues I had to deal with was about the children in worship.We didn’t have a lot of them, but they were starting to come.

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But I think really the big issue is concepts of worship and concepts of parenting and concepts of how things are transmitted to kids. We tried to banish, however, all that is flippant and trivial and chatty and chipper. And Sunday evening — or Wednesday evening or whatever else you do — is the Mount of Olives, which was the familiar spot where Jesus probably lay down, put his hand on his elbow, and talked things over with his disciples. We didn’t have a children’s sermon as part of the Sunday morning service.

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